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Vigan (2)

==Entrance to Vigan(By JPLui)==

Continuing with our Vigan journey last week on this same weekday, we headed the day with native Ilocano breakfast at our inn. I ordered Damortis ken kinirog (iirc) its basically dried bangus strips which tasted a lot like fried bacon with the fats taken out. We headed straight for Baluarte which is their Zoo. First thing I like to say is theres no entrance fee, which hanged a big smiles for our wallets but the vicinity is also just as cleanly maintained. There's nothing noteworthy about the zoo aside from the birds and ostrich that kept on roaming around like its their first time greeting a visitor. We skirted around the area and ended up in the butterfly farm. Usual are the white winged but the red ones are much eye candy.

==Red butterflies at Baluarte==

Then the main event would be the animal watching show. All the animals from different habitats was not only presented like a watching TV but was even handed to us as audience. Best dishes are always served last and this time they gave the big feline tiger. Although tigers gerally are wild in nature, this one was very well tamed and pleasing to the eye, we even saw that the tiger wagging his head along with the rhythm that was being tuned from boombox speakers. Now that's a rapper tiger :D. Of course, our trip wouldn't be complete without petting the tiger itself.

==Batch6 with the tiger==

The afternoon went by so fast mainly because we just return to our inn and slept by. But it was still eventful as we found out the location of the bell tower just around the entrance to the Vigan city. It was my first time to view old historic iconic tower that stood around my grandpa grandpa's generation. The functional vantage of the tower is mainly for warning against foreign invaders. It should have been bells tower with multiple bells hanging along with big one. There are four minibells inside, one is used for marriage, one for death, one for party, and the last one I forgot while the big one in its center is for warnings and alarms alike.

==Bell Tower at Bantay(By JPLui)==

We retired the night by hanging around the vicinity of our inn, took some nighttime pictures and ate a hearty meal by the Mang's which is at the opposite from our inn.

==St. James Cathedral==

==Cobblestone streets in Vigan(By JPLui)==

Before I close this entry, I promised Mang's for feedback on her meal service and with an unbiased opinion, I recommend everyone who had just punished themselves with several hours of travel to rewards themselves with good food here. With Halo halo at 15 php, it may not be a good diet for your health but it certainly is for your wallet and your heart. We also made an advance order prior to dinner wherein we had bagnet, sinigang fish and my favorite, puki puki (Grilled eggplant then stir fried). The dinner was only 1.2k php which served more than enough for the 5 big boys in our entourage plus 1 girl and mind you, we're all hungry all that time after the Vigan ventures we made.